FractalRecipe is a place to share some extremely detailed fractal renderings, and to discuss tricks and techniques for working with fractals.

It's other purpose is to allow me to indulge my secret desire to crap on for hours about fractals in a fancy sounding way, as if they were menu items at a rustic yet high-class restaurant, heheh :).

This site is being done strictly for teh lulz and I am fully aware that I probably will sound like a wanker with internets disease to people that don't get into it.. but I don't mind that, you can't hope to please everyone! :).

Antialiasing must be used at all times.


I will be uploading some of my ultraFractal renderings, at 1024x1024


I like the idea that fractals are a bit like cooking, and quite a lot like photography.

I reckon fractals can be thought of as having 'flavours' and 'textures' similar to ingredients in cooking, particularly when they re so detailed that the frame is filled up (or close to filled up) with juicy detail like a fine intense piece of fruit.

I like to think of the process of making pixels as a semi-creative pursuit, much like producing a fine dish.

What I really want to do with this stuff is to set up a full CG, (and heavy comp) fucking tight audio-sync animation sequence of travelling through these fractals. I'd really want to push some simulations of crazy fishy lenses, massive bokeh, super shallow but really really sharp and FX-ey focal planes, and of course some kind of fucked up crazy things happening between detail and bokeh while you travel over and through space and levels of scale. I'm also imagining I'll need to sort out some crazy render rigs to get the fractals to generate lots of types of geometry, including volumes, points, lines, surfaces, lights, lenses, camera apertures, textures, bump etc, etc. To do this in shader would be best, and UPR ultrafractal-parameter-file plaintext files are available, but since that is a lot harder to do, in the mean time, even just high-res multi-pass renders from ultrafractal would probably do the trick.


  • I have already put up a fair amount of my work online here, but this is on borrowed web space.
  • Prints of some of the fractals (and ingredients) from this wiki can be ordered from Zazzle.
  • I've put some fractals on a picasa web album, multilayer fractals here, icons here (base album is here)
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