For Teh Lulz

lulz, teh word

'lulz' is the plural form of 'lol'. LOL is the acronym that people have used (frequently on the internets) to express laughter when they are communicating in text form. LOL is meant to mean "laughs out loud" or something similar, and lulz is simply an irrevocably buggered-up plural form of an acronym that is no longer an acronym because of this horrible mistreatment during pluralization.

Lulz as a space-making principle

There would be no space in which to tell a stupid story if it were as simple as just pluralizing it as "LOL's", now would there? Lulz are a little bit more self-aware than LOL's for this very reason.

A controversial statement, for the lulz

Fractal lulz-automata can be shown to give rise to three dimensional space and most of the observable phenomena in the universe we see around us. There is an idea out there called 'Process Physics' that relates to this in an abstract way.

Lulz sympathizer

For these reasons I like the word "lulz" and often use it to refer to the most primal types of urges or process-starters in the universe. One of the reasons that I do this is that it represents a vain attempt to void myself of responsibility for anything and everything except generating comedy and stupefying wonder, the kind of wonder that distracts you so long that you may end up smacking your head into a pole or something. Nb. If anything funny happens to you whilst gazing at one of my fractals (of course that you may later regret) I cannot stress enough that I am not to be held responsible! ;D heheh.

FractalRecipe is for teh lulz

Given this ridiculous philosophy, it may now be more obvious how FractalRecipe is indirectly borne along by teh lulz, even if it is not obvious from the outset.

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