Dan Wills

Who the hell is this guy?


This is Dan Wills, sometimes known as inkling, enkling, or just enk.

And why is he uploading all these fractals?

To share them with others, and potentially use them in the future in collaboration with other artists to produce more works by building on some of the explorations he has done.

What does it all mean?

Any meaning to all of these pixels comes from the context, composition (including the actual fractal formulae) and pixel values that result. No special spiritual or mystical significance is claimed for fractals, it is their sheer unlikeliness, natural aesthetic balances and stupendous amounts of detail that make them special.

Dan does do a lot of long renders, but prefers there to be a "jolly good" reason if a single frame might take more than a thousand hours to compute. It is especially pleasing when the computational effort spent on generating an image is very visible in the final result.

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