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Hello and welcome to the fractal recipe, the world's first restaurant where detailed fractals (and fractal detail) are on the menu!

This evening we will be serving a delightful selection of fresh, detailed fractal preparations created by our resident fractal chef, Dan Wills. More of Dan Wills fractals (and other pixel experiments) can be found on gdanzo's picasa web albums, here: http://picasaweb.google.com.au/gdanzo

Please make a selection from our 2008 Fractal Menu

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Todays Special

I will be serving the following fractal detail Entree's shortly.

alanTIsVeryHelpful_forFindingChaos_stokeys_karg_axx_accross_under_kwillig_oiley_d_graded_1k.jpg novaInter_cloudyInteriour_diddleDeeDearier_squibbleEee_poyy_graded_1k.jpg butterflyPhoenixDoubleNova_wing_slippyLake_dotdotdot_xing_piff_wing_graded_1k.jpg novaInter_cloudyInteriour_dotdotdot_ikk_elle_graded_1k.jpg


Relax and unwind with one of our famous, detailed Fractal Beverages.

novaInter_cloudyInteriour_dotdotdot_TAPLEYShill_automators_graded_1k.jpg novaInter_cloudyInteriour_mandelBollock_dotdotdot_dust_re_jiggit_jibe_1k.jpg
novaInter_cloudyInteriour_dotdotdot_around_map_centered_lemonmelon_spirit.jpg novaInter_cloudyInteriour_dotdotdot_universeAndTonic.jpg

super-steep blip dot juice

Take Away Order prints of these fine images!

If you would like to take some fractalRecipe detail home with you, please do order a print from Zazzle, I would love to let these fractals see the air. Alternatively if you would like a more specialized 'mega quality high res' printing and mounting (and resolution) solution, then email me: moc.liamg|oznadg#moc.liamg|oznadg.

Fractal Meta and links to Picasa

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